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Modular Gas Delivery Systems

Modular gas delivery systems are rapidly replacing conventional gas panels as the industry standard. The benefits of the Talon modular architecture over conventional systems are numerous:

Smaller Size: Modular systems are typically much smaller than conventional systems, minimizing space requirements and maximizing productivity per square foot of manufacturing space.

Configurability: Modular systems offer easily customizable configurations. Interconnected modules of flow components bolt together and allow for simple, last-minute reconfiguration as needed.

Easier to Maintain: Modular systems can be disassembled quickly for maintenance and upgrades, minimizing downtime.

Increased Productivity: When your gas delivery system requires less space, less time to assemble and maintain, and offers flexibility in configuration, you have a system that maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime. As a result, modular gas delivery systems are becoming the new industry standard.

The Talon Modular System provides the following advantages for your design:

Only modular platform that accommodates Face Seal, C-Seal, & W-Seal connections
• Integrated heating system
• Reduced complexity, requiring fewer seals and less hardware
• Faster assembly times
• Quicker leak check times
• Single sided serviceability
• Easier to maintain
• Less weight and shorter profile
• Smaller footprint
• Ability to add future gas lines

Additional information can be found in our Modular Gas Delivery Platform brochure or you may search our Product Db for details.

Only Talon Innovations offers all these unique features in a modular gas delivery platform. For more information, or to speak with someone about Engineering Services to assist with your specific design, contact us at 320-251-0390 or email us for information.

Modular Gas Delivery Platforms